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My name is Jack Cox, author and innovative thinker. I don't want much out of life. I just want to change the world.

I'm an old man now but when I was a child my mother used to tell me "you can't change the world, you have to live in the world as it is".

Well I never believed that, then or now. Back in the 50s and early 60s neither my parents or I knew anything about the world. We just thought it was the way that we were being told on the television. But of course, that's all BS. Far, far darker things are going on than we will ever be told by the mainstream media. And these things are starting to emerge into the public gaze at last.

The tin foil hat brigade have been telling of these things for a long time but were dismissed as conspiracy theorists. Then the main stream media were forced to report the goings-on at Jeffery Epstein's island. He very conveniently committed suicide in prison to stop him testifying against some very powerful people. Too convenient by far. Way, way too convenient.

And now they have Robert Maxwell's daughter, Ghislaine. I wonder if she will ever get to testify.

We are now in 2020 and the world is hurtling towards totalitarianism. We would have to be completely blind not to see it.

Governments around the globe are using this COVID virus, and the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement, amongst other things, as an excuse to take away our freedoms and our rights. Indeed if they can be taken away they never were rights they were just privileges.

The governments we were told were our servants have shown their true colours and proved to be our masters after all. Masters and oppressors.

Well I can see a way forward. A very, very radical way for us to put the power back into the hands of ordinary people. Not government's, not the banks, not the deep state, not the shadow people that control everything from behind the scenes. But you and me and him and her.

It will be a tall order, it'll be a big job, it will take some real men and real women. And it will take time.

But we must start now or it will be too late. I feel a bit like Moses must have felt. I can lead my people out of the desert but there's very little chance I will ever live to tee the promised land.

Well, that's fine. I'm just trying to start the ball rolling. Other people, younger people can take this forward.

We can do this. You and me and him, and her but we must start now.

Who's with me? The first step is to discover the blueprint by reading my book Love Now Fear.

Then shoot me an email and tell me how you can help.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Love not Fear

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paperback version (USA)

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Rupert Murdochs Hitmen

a new book by Bobby Cummines OBE, Ian Cutler and Jack Cox.

The Media, Police, Politicians and Corporations are lying to you. In this book London ex -gangster turned charity boss, Bobby Cummines OBE, former News of the World journalist Ian Cutler and Towards Utopia Movement founder, Jack Cox explain about this POST-TRUTH era and how you are being systemically lied to.

We explore conspiracy theories, fake news, labour relations and industrial disputes.

We even suggest a new, much fairer tax system. We look at the causes of the problems in the Middle East, how the Arabs were conned during WW1 and how their lands were carved up by the Treaty of Versailles. We follow the money and uncover the selfish motives of the people concerned. The common theme throughout this book is the role played by the corrupt media barons such as Rupert Murdoch, the central banks owned by the Rothschild family and the arms trade.

But its not all doom and gloom. We end with a look at beliefs and responsibility and how by being aware, we can choose what information to allow into our minds and as a result, we can create a better future for ourselves.

Rupert Murdochs Hitmen

Kindle version (UK)

Kindle version (USA)